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Discovery and Disclosure [ProView Print and eBook] | Add to Basket
Author : William Abrahamson
Author : James Dwyer
Author : Andrew Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 27/10/2015
ISBN: 9780414053434
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Since the second edition of Discovery and Disclosure in 2013 there have been a number of significant developments in the area of litigation. The first supplement brings the main work up-to-date to 2015 and deals with the developments in litigation since the publication of the 2nd edition.

The increase in the monetary jurisdiction of the District and Circuit Courts brought about by the Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 means that those courts will now potentially deal with more complex litigation than they did previously.

For the first time in this jurisdiction, it has been held that litigation privilege does not last indefinitely, but rather lapses in most cases on the final determination of the litigation in which it arises.

On the criminal side, the deadline for the implementation of the EU Directive on the right to information in criminal proceedings has passed.

This is the first supplement to the second edition of Discovery and Disclosure only. For orders of the second edition including supplement please use ISBN: 9780414053410 with orders.
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