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International Trade Law and Regulation [Journal] | Add to Basket
Editorial Advisory Board : Professor Michael Blakeney
Editorial Advisory Board : Raj Bhala
Editorial Advisory Board : Aline Doussin
Editorial Advisory Board : John Clarke
Editorial Advisory Board : Mark Clough, QC
Editorial Advisory Board : Anne MacGregor
Editorial Advisory Board : Jason Chuah
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date: 27/01/2003
ISBN: 1357-31BV
Jurisdiction: International

The establishment of the WTO marked a new phase in the development of the resolution of trade disputes. International Trade Law and Regulation provides a regular update on developments in trade law that have a direct impact on the conduct of commercial activity.
* The international news section provides reports from both individual jurisdictions as well as from institutions and organisations that are active in this area such as WTO, the EU/EEA institutions, NAFTA and other trading blocks
* Comprehensive coverage of topics, including anti-dumping and other countervailing duties, state subsidy, and access to markets
* Experts and leading practitioners contribute in-depth analytical articles on these rapidly developing areas - ensuring that you have access to the most crucial advice and information available on this subject
Subject Groups
International Trade
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