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Merger Control in Ireland [Hardback] | Add to Basket
Author : Marco Hickey
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 14/05/2013
ISBN: 9781858006956
Jurisdiction: Ireland, European Union, United States, United Kingdom

This book provides a detailed analysis of the Irish competition law implications of mergers and acquisitions in Ireland. The book examines all aspects of merger review under the Competition Act 2002 (as amended) including jurisdictional questions such as the thresholds applicable for determining whether or not a merger or acquisition is subject to the compulsory notification regime, the relevant product and geographic markets and the substantive criteria applicable for the review of mergers and acquisitions. This is a comprehensive text, providing you with all the necessary information to examine the Irish competition law implications of mergers and acquisitions.

It is an essential read for any lawyer or regulator involved in merger control, providing a comprehensive review of the jurisdictional and substantive issues at the heart of Irish merger control.

Unique Insight in to key issues:
* Explains how fundamental concepts such as market definition, substantial lessening of competition and full function joint ventures are applied
* Looks at the theories of harm likely to be raised against a merger and possible counter arguments and defences
* Discusses the categories of evidence examined by the Competition Authority
* Examines the types of remedies accepted to deal with substantive issues
* Examines the regime for the control of media mergers
* Describes the decision making process for the review of mergers under the Competition Act 2002
* Discusses the system for the referral of cases between the EU Commission and the Competition Authority
* Provides an in-depth understanding of the Competition Act 2002

* Mergers and acquisitions regulated by the Competition Act 2002
* Full function joint ventures
* Exempted mergers and acquisitions
* Notification to the Competition Authority
* The relevant market
* Substantive review of mergers
* Media mergers
* Ancillary restraints
* Remedies and proposals
* The decision process
* Referrals between Competition Authority and the Commission

About the Author
Marco Hickey is a practicing solicitor and has written extensively on the subject of Irish and EU competition law. He heads the EU Competition and Regulated Markets Unit at LK Shields with a particular focus on merger control.
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Company Law
Competition Law
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