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Tort [Paperback] | Add to Basket
Author : Val Corbett
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 26/08/2009
ISBN: 9781858005355
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Tort Nutcase provides concise and comprehensive coverage of the main principles of the Irish Law of Torts. The text explains the core principles of the Law of Torts through discussion of the core cases in the area. Tort Nutcases is written in a clearly structured and easy-to-understand style and is ideal for students preparing for undergraduate and professional examinations in law.

The second edition of Tort Nutcases incorporates:

- New chapters on Professional Negligence; Passing Off and Damages.
- The latest developments and case law in Liability for Psychiatric Damage; Negligent Misstatement; Employers? Liability; Vicarious Liability; Defamation and Damages.

Contents: General Negligence Principles; Liability for Psychiatric Damage; Liability for Economic Loss; Trespass to the person; Trespass to land; Nuisance; Occupiers? liability; Professional Negligence; The Rule in Rylands v Fletcher; Defamation; Liability for defective products; Employers? liability; Vicarious liability; Passing Off; Damages.

Val Corbett, B.C.L., LL.M., Pg Cert (Learning & Teaching) is head of the Law School at Independent College Dublin where he teaches the Law of Torts, the Law of Contract and Employment Law on the College?s undergraduate and professional law programmes.
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