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Data Protection

Data Protection & Privacy

Monika Kuschewsky.

European Lawyer ProView Print and eBook 08/11/2016 9780414057838

Data Protection & Privacy

Monika Kuschewsky.

European Lawyer ProView eBook 08/11/2016 9780414057821

Data Protection & Privacy

Monika Kuschewsky.

Sweet & Maxwell Hardback 08/09/2016 9780414057333

Data Protection Law & Practice

Rosemary Jay.

Sweet & Maxwell Paperback 21/11/2014 9780414034914

Data Protection Strategy: Implementing Data Protection Compliance

Richard Morgan. Ruth Boardman.

Sweet & Maxwell Hardback 23/08/2012 9780414026742

Data Protection: A Practical Guide to Irish and EU Law

Peter Carey.

Round Hall Hardback 31/12/2010 9781858006031

Data Protection: Laws of the World

Marcus Turle.

Sweet & Maxwell Looseleaf 01/10/1998 9780752005485

The Digital Estate

Leigh Sagar.

Sweet & Maxwell Hardback 9780414061903

Encyclopedia of Data Protection and Privacy

Hazel Grant. Sue Cullen. Dr W Kuan Hon. Louise Townsend. Evelynne Wilson.

Sweet & Maxwell Looseleaf 03/03/1988 9780421369009

Freedom of Information Law

Maeve McDonagh.

Round Hall Hardback 18/05/2015 9781858006833

Freedom of Information Manual

Marcus Turle.

Sweet & Maxwell Hardback 16/12/2005 9780421922402

Freedom of Information in the UK

Sue Cullen. Paula Williamson.

Sweet & Maxwell Hardback 9780414052192

Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation

Rosemary Jay.

Sweet & Maxwell Hardback 21/02/2017 9780414061019

Information Rights

Philip Coppel.

Sweet & Maxwell Book & CD-ROM 29/11/2007 9780421964808