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EU Public Procurement: Law and Practice [Looseleaf] | Add to Basket
Author : Lee Digings
Author : Professor John Bennett
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date: 07/12/1992
ISBN: 9780851219059
Jurisdiction: European Union, England & Wales

Every public body contract of any magnitude will be subject to EC public procurement rules which apply from the time when the specification is being drawn up until the contract is finally awarded. Failure to comply could mean being sued by an unsuccessful contractor or even being ordered to re-stage the procurement.
EC Public Procurement: Law and Practice provides practical guidance on every aspect of the legislation:

* Explains what needs to be done to comply with the EC rules
* Includes full coverage of the complex rules affecting local authorities, public bodies, health authorities, NHS Trusts and utility companies
* Sets out how the legislation applies, from drawing up specifications to awarding contracts
* Separate chapters are devoted to works, supplies, services and Utility Directives
* Reproduces source materials from the UK and the EC and includes a comprehensive array of statutory and other relevant sources
* Reproduces the Common Procurement Vocabulary which is essential for the drawing up of all contracts

* Covers the various forms of redress open to aggrieved contractors and the means by which the Community legislation can be enforced
* Includes flow diagrams for ease of understanding and discussion of main problem areas related to public procurement
* Identifies problem areas and shows how they can be avoided
Subject Groups
Local Government
Public Procurement

EC Public Procurement: Law and Practice should have pride of place on the bookshelf of every operator who needs to know all about the procurement law in force. - Martin Bangemann, Vice President of the Commission of the European Communities
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